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About us

  Precious Pets Memorial Service is a full service crematorium facility located in the city of Ventura, CA. Precious Pets opened for business in December 2013 and is family-owned and operated. We saw the need for private cremations which are comparable to human cremations, at a cost our community can afford. Precious Pets is here to offer the public what they have awaited; a private cremation that is cost efficient. By getting our own Crematorium in 2017, we are making this possible. We offer the public and Veterinarians different options for private cremation so that we can meet the various financial needs of our clients. By collaborating with our local Veterinarians, we will work as a team to offer this community the most cost efficient and supreme service available. Precious Pets is here to give pet owners compassionate and respectful options when their lifelong friends pass away. Whatever species, and whichever service is required, these loving pets have all had one thing in common; their caregiver loved and cherished them enough to demand the most compassionate and affordable cremation service possible. Here at Precious Pets Memorial Service, we treat your pet with the utmost dignity and respect. We assure your mind is at ease.