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​Pickups or drop offs should take place within 48 hrs. from decease​​​

How Is Pet Cremation Done?

Pets can be cremated either in usual crematories or the ones that are specifically dedicated for pet cremations. During the process, a pet’s body is placed in a cremation unit and subjected to high temperatures up to 1400-1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, the intense heat and vaporization reduce the organic matter to dust and dried bones. Next, the surgical, pins, rods, tags, broken pieces of collars, and other metal objects are removed from the dust with the help of a magnet or manual inspection. Pet cremation urn Finally, the cremains are pulverized to get a coarse sand-like powder with uniform consistency. These ashes are then poured in a sealed plastic bag, placed in urn, and returned to the owner. You may then transfer the cremated remains wherever you'd like. Having received the ashes you may choose to scatter, store, or bury them. More often than not, these remains are returned the same week (unless it is a communal cremation). The cremated remains are usually pale white in color. However, the color may vary due to certain medications or health issues. The time for cremation depends on the type of pet you have. For instance, cremation of smaller animals such as birds, mice, rabbits, hamsters, does not take long. On the other hand, larger animals like horse, large breeds of dogs, etc. can take hours. On an average, though, cremation of a pet may take 45 minutes to an hour. The weight of the cremation ashes also depends on the weight and bone structure of your beloved pet. Until the process of cremation begins, the pet is kept in a refrigerated cooler.