What does Precious Pets offer, and what makes us the premier pet aftercare choice?

Precious pets is a premier pet cremation service that always keeps our clients best interests in mind. Our goal is to provide the pet, the owner, and veterinarians with compassionate and cost efficient aftercare services. 

At Precious Pets Memorial Service we:

  • The first and only full pet cremation service in Ventura

  • Family owned and operated

  • Do not contract out our cremations or pickup service

  • Rapid Turnaround time (Guarantee cremains delivered back within one week of pickup or we pay for cremations cost)

  • 100% accuracy (Tag every pet in our care, so we assure 100% accuracy of tracking pet every step of the process)

  • Designed our program to Offer the private cremation, at a price that is affordable for the public. We do not offer a cremation where multiple pets “separated” in a single chamber, intended to make clients pay more for the actual private cremation

  • Multiple private cremation options, to meet the financial needs of various clients

  • Direct service

  • emergency after hour arrangements

  • Viewing of process

We intend for our clients to be extremely satisfied with the aftercare service we have provided, and have mind at ease.   

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