Precious Pets

About Us

Precious Pets Memorial Service is a premier full service crematorium facility located in the city of Ventura, CA. Precious Pets opened for business in December 2013 and is family-owned and operated. We saw the need for a honest private cremations which are most comparable to human cremations, at a cost our community can afford. Precious Pets is here to offer the public what they have awaited; a honest private cremation that is cost efficient. By getting our own brand new state of the art, multi chamber Furnace in 2017, we have made this possible! By having this multi- chambered furnace we can guarantee the highest quality cremation, with no commingling of other pets with yours as we only place one case privately by themselves to get cremated but have multiple chambers so we do not slow down production. By collaborating with our local Veterinarians, we will work as a team to offer this community the most cost efficient and premier service available.

What does Precious Pets offer, and what makes us the premier pet aftercare choice?

Precious Pets is a premier pet cremation service that is here to provide the pet, caregiver, and veterinarians with the most compassionate, respectful, cost efficient options for aftercare services. We always keeps our clients best interests in mind. We schedule routes to visit our Animal Hospitals every Monday and Thursday. Our turnaround time is guaranteed within one week from pickup. (If not we will pay all expenses of cremation process.) Here at Precious Pets Memorial Service, We assure your mind is at ease.

(leave a message for after hour emergency)
Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturdays: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Sundays: closed

At Precious Pets Memorial Service we:

  • Are the first and only full pet cremation service in Ventura
  • Family owned and operated
  • Provide all services directly, nothing contracted
  • Rapid Turnaround time (Guarantee cremains delivered back within one week of pickup or we pay for cremations cost)
  • 100% accuracy (Tag every pet in our care, so we assure 100% accuracy of tracking pet every step of the process)
  • Designed our program to Offer the private cremation, at a price that is affordable for the public. We do not offer a cremation were multiple pets “seperated” in a single chamber, intended to make clients pay more for the actual private cremation
  • Multiple private cremation options, to meet the financial needs of various clients
  • Direct service
  • Emergency after hour arrangements
  • Viewing of process

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