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How Is Pet Cremation Done?

We are proud to provide the most delicate, caring, and respectful pet cremation service available across Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and the greater Santa Clarita area. We understand the loss of a pet is difficult and hurtful. Understanding more about our cremation process can help provide some peace of mind during this time.

What happens at a pet cremation

Our cremation procedure is carried out with the same level of care and precision as a high end funeral facility.

The cremation process:

  • A pet’s body is gently placed in a cremation unit and subjected to high temperatures up to 1600-1800 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The intense heat and vaporization reduce the organic matter to dust and dried bones.
  • We remove any surgical pins, rods, tags, pieces of collars, and other metal objects from the remains.
  • The cremains are then pulverized to get a coarse sand-like uniform consistency.
  • These cremains are then poured in a sealed thick plastic bag, placed in a urn of choice, and returned to the owner.

What do you do with cremated pet ashes?

Please note the following factors which determine how long cremation takes:

People choose to handle their pet’s remains in different ways depending on what feels right to them. Depending on the size and condition of the pet, cremains will vary slightly in color and greatly in size and weight. The most common things pet owners do with their pet’s remains are:

  • Scattering the cremains in a place of significance
  • Storing the cremains in an urn or other tasteful container
  • Burying the cremains

Do you really get your pet’s cremains back?

Part of what makes our pet cremation service the best in the area is that we guarantee that the cremains you receive are indeed the cremains of your pet with our brand new state of the art multi chambered furnace one of the few in the states with this up to date furnace.

We guarantee the cremains you receive are those of your pet using the following procedure:

  • We cremate your pet in an isolated, private chamber so there is no commingling of cremains
  • We carefully follow a strict procedure to track, identify, and store remains
  • We closely protect and monitor cremains until they’re returned to the owner

Pet cremation services which don’t have private cremation chambers, cremate pets communally and therefore can not necessarily ensure the remains you receive are your pet’s, or are solely those of your pet.

How to use our service

We offer this service because we love pets and we see an opportunity to do well for pet owners and our community while being cost efficient.

If you’ve had a pet pass away and are seeking cremation services, please:

  • Contact us - we can answer all your questions and provide peace of mind
  • Schedule an appointment - we can generally come to your location or receive you at our facility within 90 minutes
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